Experience Matters

You can get everything in life you want if you will just help other people enough to get what they want. -Zig Ziglar

Andrea with kids

Although I was born and raised in Canada, I followed the love of my life to Florida to create a life together. It was the beginning of a difficult journey filled with obstacles and challenges, but also one that led my family to a place I’m so proud of today.

As I preach to my children that one needs to display kindness and compassion today more than ever, everyone you see and meet is dealing with something. My family has been no exception, faced with a myriad of challenges together – illness, changes within our household and becoming a single mom, loss of loved ones and tough financial times. No matter the ups or downs, I kept my focus on the bigger picture. Realizing we are all much more than our circumstances, I embrace my relationships and each of life’s moments in a new way.

We never dwelt on whatever drama or challenge we were facing because we are not a family of survivors. We are a family of thrivers. In the midst of the challenges, I had a clear picture of the life I wanted to build for my children and worked hard at it. I am so grateful to my mother, who helped us for several years while I grew my professional career in logistics before becoming a full-time REALTOR®.

My children have always been my number one inspiration, and they continue to amaze me each day. They are both grown now, pursuing their own paths towards a career in medicine, wanting to give back to the community. I could not be prouder of what they have accomplished, especially considering the obstacles we overcame together.

There were quite a few mountains that had to be scaled, but I never let the height or enormity of the task at hand stop me from beginning. Wanting to lead by example and show my children that we can accomplish whatever we set our mind to, I summitted those peaks. I do not believe in giving up as there is always another option to consider.

I put my full effort into everything I have done, from becoming a licensed REALTOR® in 2001 to leaving behind my career in logistics to be a full-time real estate agent. I’m driven knowing that my work not only reflects who I am but is also an example for my children and who they can become.

I accepted a long time ago that life is what it is, so rather than focus on the circumstances around me, I turn my attention to action. Though there are often many hardships in our lives, there are so many joyful moments as well. I savor each moment because every single one matters.

I love what I do as a REALTOR® – it has allowed me to embrace my professional strengths and still be a wellrounded person. As an entrepreneur, when I needed to be home taking care of one of my children, I could do that and still help my clients keep moving onward. Life HAPPENS, and my career as a REALTOR has allowed me to be part of all the games, parties and events and so much more.

Along the way, I realized none of us is defined by our circumstances or any one moment in time. We are each multifaceted beings. Through that shift of perspective, I can see others as more than any one moment in their life.

I was raised to be compassionate, and my own experiences have added a new layer of understanding to that. All of us want to be moving forward – we all have places we would like to be. What is amazing is that as a REALTOR® I actually help people get there.

Whenever I am not working, I enjoy playing Pickle Ball, Wordle, reading, the movies, cooking and spending time with my children.

This whole process is about you. From inception to closing, I will be by your side working relentlessly to ensure your success. I become an extension of YOU. What is important to you is important to me, and I make it a priority to take the time to maintain clear and timely communication, answering any questions you may have along your journey. I will consider all options and will always help you explore different avenues for success, providing the tools you need to make the best decisions possible. And, once your story reaches i final chapter, I’ll continue to support your success as your lifelong REALTOR®.

There are always unexpected twists in every part of life, and I do not give up. My life experiences thus far have made me more resilient. With thorough, methodical research and follow up, I help my clients continue to move forward in any way I can. Being a licensed REALTOR® for many years, I am deeply familiar with the communities and surrounding areas. My determination sets me apart, and I never lose sight of providing the best real estate experience to fit your needs. I have extensive experience in residential real estate, second homes, and investment properties. I also partner with seasoned professionals in the lending world. I’m fluent in French and English.

I look forward to the opportunity of partnering with you. Experience Matters!



Andrea Valdes